Asheville Architecture

My husband and I were strolling through downtown Asheville the other night, enjoying the evening until I saw this…………………..


I knew the Asheville Art Museum was renovating their building but this looks like a tear down. To make matters worse, there was a banner on the fence showing what the new building would look like……..


I was horrified. It ruined my evening. One of the many things I love about Asheville is the architecture. I love old buildings. I love the creativity and the imagination that was put in to their design. This particular building was built in 1925 by New York Architect Edward Tilton. He built it in the Renaissance Revival style to house the Pack Memorial Library. It was in use until 1978 when the library outgrew it’s space and moved across town. This beautiful building stood mostly vacant until 1992 when the Pack Place Education, Arts & Science Center took over the space. They remain the current occupants today with the Asheville Art Museum being the main driving force.

As I read the history I learned a few things about this building. First, the way I know the building is different than when Tilton designed it. It has already been changed from the original design. Second, this new remodel is restoring the exterior and the hideous glass wall?  It appears it will be in front of the original facade, combining old and new. I will admit, this could be interesting. I will keep and open mind and wait until the grand opening before I will shed tears over the demise. Maybe this change will be a good think.

To read more about the history of the building and it’s future, please visit the Asheville Art Museum site, North Wing Project


More Changes! Big Changes! Better Changes!


More changes!

This has been coming for a long time. I never wanted to be a Broker in Charge and run an office yet that position was thrust on me when the current BIC at Express Real Estate  had medical issues and then the office manager left. It was during the market crash and this was actually a good opportunity for me to continue in real estate, where no one was pulling a paycheck, and still actually pull a paycheck.

After the market recovered I had hoped of growing the office but I had one major problem……..I was the only agent who wanted to sell in Asheville because that’s where the market is.  The other agents were happy in Mars Hill and that market is still not large enough to support everyone who is selling there. I felt that my needs, the needs of my clients and the needs of the office were going in different directions. It was time to change that.

I picked five independent Asheville offices that had longstanding names in our community. I started asking questions, running numbers and narrowing my list. I interviewed at two companies. They were completely different from each other. Both were friendly and welcoming but one, Town and Mountain Realty, offered the support and opportunities that I am looking for. I am excited to make this move! I feel good things are yet to come!