This house is so bespoke, ya’ll

Describing homes for advertising is both fun and challenging. You need to convey the feeling of the home while also giving the facts of what the home is about. When writing the advertising for my own home, I wrote copy after copy and shared it with several friends for their editing and input. One friend said to use the word “bespoke”. I have heard that word before but I didn’t really know the meaning so I looked it up.

Urban Dictionary has the most concise use of the word: “Bespoke tailoring refers to a particularity of British fashion, but the term ‘bespoke’ is now extended to all life’s domains, as a powerful mark of luxury, an anti-brand/ anti-globalization reaction.”

Initially, I used the word to describe our home. It does fit as other definitions use the word to describe something tailor-made to exacting specifications. That is certainly our house. But then we started spotting the word everywhere and it became a running joke.

On Facebook, I shared a link to a house up in NJ that an artist had turned into a nightmare inside. One friend commented that it was so originally bespoke. Ugh. Another friend shared the website for our house and said: “yo! this home is so bespoke!”  Then we started applying the term to show dogs and it really got weird.

On the request of my husband, I removed the term from all advertising. I still think the word fits, but now I can’t say it without giggling.

What’s your favorite, overused real estate term?


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