Details, Details, Details

A little rant here. I love details and I prefer to get them right so yes, it’s a pet peeve when another real estate agent gets it so wrong.

I was driving around previewing properties today for one of my clients. He has several pieces of land that he is interested in. One is on a gravel road and the land lays “behind the light yellow modular home”. All fine and good except there are a whole lot of tan homes and none were yellow. I couldn’t find the property. Wasted trip

My husband recently looked at a home that a potential client is buying. It needs extensive remodeling and on the clients wish list is a gas stove. She was disappointed that the house did not have gas which had my husband scratching his head. He was looking at a gas meter on the back of the house. The MLS detail sheet that the listing agent filled out stated the heating system was a heat pump but the Residential Property Disclosure that the home seller filled out said it was a heat pump with a Natural Gas back-up. Luckily this was a happy mistake but one all the same……….

Then there are the little every day details that I run into with real estate. I hate to see crooked photos, dark or over exposed photos, photos of toilet seats that have not been closed or photos of just a chandelier. Really?  You have a 24 photo limit and you are going to use one spot on just the chandelier? Unless it’s some priceless antique, you are wasting your story time. Because that’s what this is, it’s story time. Your verbiage and photos tell a story about a home. Use that information wisely!