Why Blog?

When you read up on how to market yourself as a Real Estate Broker (or an artist or… fill in the blank), the suggestion is always to “start a blog!” Well that’s great but what if you have nothing to say? Or maybe you just think you don’t? I actually find myself repeating things to my clients over and over again. So much so that I have started to make up one page flyers on different topics such as “What steps you need to take if you want to buy a home” or “What is market value vs tax value vs a Zestimate?” (I hate that word!)

When it comes to Real Estate, I actually have quite a bit to say. This blog will mostly cover real estate topics but occasionally I’ll interject my latest stained glass project or maybe an update on when a new puppy is coming home. You know, the fun stuff! Not that I don’t find my job fun because I do. Selling Real Estate is actually very rewarding and I have made many new friends along the way.

Please check in often and if you have any Real Estate questions, please ask! I would love to hear from you!



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