so I set up a blog……

and then I ignored it. That wasn’t very inspired of me. The truth is that it has been a very busy spring and now a busy summer. Along with many real estate clients, listings and transactions, we added a puppy to the family and I have diligently been studying for a pretty big test.  I want to get my general contractors license. Yes, I want to add the letters G.C. after my name. My husband and I have decided to add spec house building to our list of business endeavors. We don’t want to build huge McMansions that will sell for tons of money. We want to build a modest home that will meet the needs of a young family or a couple of retired individuals on a fixed income. Something small that will sell around $200,00 – $250,000. That price range is a hot commodity in our area. There is a need and we want to help meet that need.

Right now you are saying “Wait! You mentioned a puppy!” Yes I did! Little miss Tyler came home to live with us at the end of May. She is a little light gold ball of fur that keeps us entertained every day. The big dogs have finally accepted her into the pack so harmony once again flows in our house. Her fancy show name is Tanglewoods Rowan Tree. I plan to show her in obedience competitions and maybe dabble in conformation showing a bit. I would love to earn an Obedience Trial Championship with her and maybe someday try for a Triathlon award at our National Specialty show. That means getting out of my comfort zone and trying some field work. I’m confident this little girl can do it all. It’s up to me to show her how.

And how is real estate?  It’s moving and grooving in our neck of the woods! I showed a home at 9am the other morning. A broker was just leaving with her clients. Another was in the back yard with her clients and two more sets of clients were waiting for their brokers to show up. The house was listed at $169,000 and was in a pleasant neighborhood. They had multiple offers by the end of the day and was under contract the next day. My client liked the home, but it didn’t blow her away so the winning contract was, alas, not mine. This is normal for Asheville so be warned! If you want to buy a home in our market, be prepared to act fast!

I’ll try not to be MIA again! Stay in touch!

(oh no! the official family photo! That must mean she is staying!)



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