Do you want the work or not?

I think all of my blog posts lately are starting with “I apologize for ignoring my blog. I promise to do better”.  Seriously, I promise to do better. I even marked my calendar to remind me. 🙂

This opener ties in well with today’s post. As a REALTOR, it is my job to help my clients line up vendors for inspections or quotes on repairs.  I also call other vendors for purposes of advertising and other real estate related services. We all do this on a daily basis either for work or for personal needs. How often do we leave messages that are never returned?  Or even worse, you talk to someone about a job that needs to be done, they tell you they will go look at it and give you a price, then you never hear from them again.  It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

Last week I received a phone call from a gentleman who has around 100 acres up in Spillcorn, near Shelton Laurel. A friend of mine describes this area of the county as being in existence to hold the corners of the earth in place. It’s remote. The last time I listed something in Shelton Laurel I had to drive into Tennessee then back track to North Carolina to reach the property.  It took me an hour to get there and I live in the same county! As I said, it’s remote. So when this gentleman called and asked if I could list his property, I was interested but not enthusiastic. My husband asked me not to take it as he doesn’t like me driving alone to remote areas where I don’t have cell coverage. But still, it’s work and I hate turning it down.

I did some research on the property. I pulled the deeds, right of ways, looked for surveys and did a market analysis. I finally decided that I really wasn’t going to be the best person to take on this property. My heart just wasn’t in it and that’s not fair to the seller. At this point, I could have just forgotten about it. He was expecting a call from me but why bother? If I didn’t want the work, why put any more effort into it? Because that’s not the right thing to do. I called this gentleman back and told him what my research showed the property should sell for. I also explained that I felt that I was not a good fit for marketing this property but….. here are two good agents who I know do land, specifically in your area. I think they will be a good fit.  He was happy for the information and very happy that I wasn’t leaving him cold. I gave him two good people to chose from and I know they will treat him well just like I tried to.  Returning phone calls takes such little effort and now he has a good opinion of me instead of a negative one (like I have with the gravel guy who still hasn’t called me back!)

Your funny for the day. This is in the metes and bounds description of the above property:


(a Cucumber is a type of Magnolia Tree. Sorry to ruin your fun!)


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