More Changes! Big Changes! Better Changes!


More changes!

This has been coming for a long time. I never wanted to be a Broker in Charge and run an office yet that position was thrust on me when the current BIC at Express Real Estate  had medical issues and then the office manager left. It was during the market crash and this was actually a good opportunity for me to continue in real estate, where no one was pulling a paycheck, and still actually pull a paycheck.

After the market recovered I had hoped of growing the office but I had one major problem……..I was the only agent who wanted to sell in Asheville because that’s where the market is.  The other agents were happy in Mars Hill and that market is still not large enough to support everyone who is selling there. I felt that my needs, the needs of my clients and the needs of the office were going in different directions. It was time to change that.

I picked five independent Asheville offices that had longstanding names in our community. I started asking questions, running numbers and narrowing my list. I interviewed at two companies. They were completely different from each other. Both were friendly and welcoming but one, Town and Mountain Realty, offered the support and opportunities that I am looking for. I am excited to make this move! I feel good things are yet to come!



Reflection and making plans

January is the time for reflection.It’s time for looking back at my marketing plan, seeing what worked, what didn’t and making plans for moving forward. It’s the time of year when there is time to contemplate any course corrections and set them in motion. I reviewed, I read articles, I made plans and I started implementing those plans in real estate, dog training and in life. I was pumped. Then I got stupid………..

If you are a friend of mine then you already know that I had a run in with a table saw.I’ll spare you the account so lets just say I wasn’t being careful enough and now my poor hand is suffering. You can’t call me stubby but stupid fits. I should have paid more attention and been more present.

It’s things like this that really knock the wind out of your sails. I was motivated and inspired.I’m trying to get that back. So let me try and reflect, once again, on the goals I had set before I underwent “unscheduled elective surgery”.

My client base is mostly in the dog world. I plan to assist them a bit more. I plan to constantly be on the look out for “dog” properties, preview them and share them with my friends. If I can find a home that has training space, kennel space or grooming space, there is someone out there looking for it. I may not have the property listed, but I know where the buyers are. I’m also an artist so the same applies to studio space.

I changed the look of my Website, Blog and Facebook page so they are more consistent and do a better job of saying who I am.

I am working to enhance and update my internet presence

I am always looking for new and better ways to advertise my listings

For my dogs, I plan to work with them on a more regular basis and volunteer more of my time. It’s my friends in the dog world who have helped my business grow and I want to give back that favor.

Most of all, I’m trying to be more present in my everyday interactions. The world is a beautiful place if we just pay attention

I hope everyone is enjoying their new year. Peace to you!

“Don’t sit and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” — Sarah Breedlove

A little change….

I changed my banner picture!  I have this blog, a facebook business page and a website. I’m trying to make them look all bit more consistent. I use to have images of the mountains and a nice bit about matching people with homes. I still do that. I LOVE marketing homes and finding just the right buyers. I will always do this. However…… many of my clients also show and compete with their dogs and/or they are artists. They are my “Sphere of Influence” as we say in the industry. So why not be more direct in letting my Sphere know that I am here to help?

Property for Sale… it’s not just an MLS listing

My husband and I decided to sell off a bit of land. 2.31 acres to be exact. (details at ). I spent just as much time putting this property on the market as I do all of my listings. I spent two very full days and more doing this and this is MY OWN property. In other words, I knew all the answers to the questions, I knew the details, I already had the survey, the deed and much of the pertinent information………this property is not one that I need to “discover”. So what took me so long?

First step – walk the property. My husband and I found all of the pins that the surveyor put in the ground. We flagged them all with bright pink tape to make them easier to find.

We designed and ordered signs for the property that showed where the property line starts and ends plus the best place to park for showings. These take a few days to come in the mail so we needed to jump on it.

I took photographs from every angle imaginable then spent quite a bit of time color correcting, straightening and enhancing the photographs so the property shows at it’s best.

While on the computer I printed out tax maps of the overall area, a tax map of just this lot, a tax map showing 20ft contours and the tax card. I blew up a copy of the survey and marked areas that a buyer would need to know about such as the location of the 2 right of ways, what pins are flagged and so forth. I printed out the deed for the property and the deed showing the upper right of way. I typed up the restrictions that are being placed on the property in a format that is easy to read and understand.

The next step was setting up a single property website. These websites are FABULOUS for adverting property and I do them on all of my listings. I can upload unlimited photographs and really get into the details of the property in my description. I can also upload attachments such as surveys, tax maps, restrictions and anything else that helps me tell the story of this property.

I then updated my own personal website with the new listing. ( if you are curious)

Finally, it went in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This alone took nearly an hour with all of the details that I need to look up and fill in (keep in mind, with this property I magically know the details since I own it). I also need to type up directions, two different adverting verbiages and any other details that I might want another real estate agent to know. The MLS allows 24 photos for uploading (ok, I was at home where my internet speed stinks so that accounts for a bit of time) as well as attachments for surveys and other information.

All of this took well over a day and that’s with few distractions. A clients property would take longer since I am discovering information on a property. A house….even longer!  I might shoot well over 100 photographs of a house, sort them, correct and enhance them then choose my 24 for the MLS and any additional for the website. It’s not unusual for me to spend several days getting a property on the market. Anyone who tells you they can get it on the MLS tonight isn’t putting a lot of effort into their job.

If a real estate broker cares about their work, they will spend this much time and more preparing your property for the market. What I did for my own property is not unusual. I do this for all of my properties. It’s worth the time and effort because my clients are worth the time and effort.

2.31 acres for sale


It’s the Real Estate Broker, not the Company

This is a follow up to an earlier post titled

Is it the Agent or the Company you are hiring?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, the REALTOR you chose is very important.  Picking the right person to represent you can make all the difference in your transaction.  Here are my answers to the 5 questions you should ask:

  1. How long have you been in the business?

I received my license late in 2003 and have been a full time Broker ever since.  In 2011, I was asked to become Broker in Charge of Express Real Estate, supervising 9 other Realtors in my office

2. What geographic areas and types of properties do you handle?

I cover all of Buncombe and Madison County although I have been known to branch out a bit.  I have lived in North and West Asheville, Eastern Buncombe County, Weaverville and now the Beech Glenn Community in Madison County.  Living in these areas has given me an appreciation for the uniqueness of each. I sell residential homes and land including lots, farms, large acreage tracts and developments. I have handled commercial property on occasion but only with certain understandings with the clients.

3. How will you communicate with me?

What method suites you best?  I’m flexible.  I have clients that only communicate through phone and fax.  Others prefer email and texting.  I use the online service Docusign for signing contracts when my clients are out of town.  It’s up to you and what you are most comfortable with!

4. Can you share references?

Of course!  Just ask!

5. What will it cost me to sell this property?

When I meet with you about selling your home, I will provide you with a cost estimate sheet that will show you the expected cost of selling your home at different price points.  When we receive an offer on your home, I will update that cost estimate sheet so that you can see your bottom line.  That will help us decide how to frame a counter offer.  I do this for my buyers as well so that they can see what to expect on their closing costs outside of their lender fees.

Any other questions?  I’m happy to answer them!



That Winning Feeling

I’m not talking real estate today, although in some ways this still applies. “That Winning Feeling” is the name of a book by Jane Savoie. I was lucky enough to read this book many, many years ago as I was preparing to show my first dog. I thought of this book yesterday when I was talking with a friend at class. She has entered her dog in the Open A Obedience class at an upcoming trial. It’s their first time in this class and she told me that she expects to not qualify (NQ) the first time but hopes to wrap up the title pretty quickly after that. That statement floored me. I asked her why she thought this way. She said everyone NQ’s their first time. That is simply not true. I have never entered expecting to NQ. I ALWAYS expect to qualify with my dog even if it’s not going to be pretty.

I immediately thought of the book “That Winning Feeling” and I promised to loan it to her ASAP. When she said she would probably NQ I knew that yes, she probably will and it has nothing to do with whether she and her dog are ready. I know they are ready but if she has already convinced herself that it won’t happen, it probably won’t happen. Your subconscious mind will make happen whatever you have consciously decided will happen. (say that to yourself a few times)  If I constantly tell myself that my dog cannot cannot come in and sit straight on his fronts, my subconscious will give him some body language that will ensure that he will sit crooked. You must always envision the perfect exercise. Always. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that anything you do is less than perfect. Instead, fool yourself into believing that everything you do is perfect.

Have you ever heard of the term “practice perfect”? It’s not always achievable when you are physically working with your dog but it is achievable in other ways. Take some time to envision the perfect run. I am showing my Tripp for the very first time next weekend. I have already been picturing the show grounds, where my dog is crated and our warm up routine. I keep envisioning our Beginning Novice run. I picture him heeling and sitting on que. I picture a straight front after the recall. I picture every minute detail of this run including how I will hold the leash (I’m using a 6ft, I normally use a 4ft so yes, this is different for me). I picture everything so that when we enter the ring next week, we have already done this run a million times and we’ve done it perfectly. The pressure is off. I will walk in to that ring with confidence that we can do this because we have done this. Tripp will feed off of my confidence and he will work better because of it.

Find your Mantra. My Tucker was an incredibly consistent dog that should have scored higher than he did. He was a hard worker and a 192-193 score was pretty much  guaranteed for us. At one show I told myself that we were better than that. I wanted a 196 that day. I started my Mantra – “We will score a 196 today”. I said it over and over as we warmed up. We actually scored a 197 that day. We had been in a rut. I needed to boost us up. Is there a problem area in your performance? Walking slow when heeling use to be a big one for me. Entering the ring was like entering a time warp where everything went in slow motion. I started a Mantra -“heel faster!” I repeated it to myself over and over and soon I had fixed that problem. Mantras can work well for you. “My dog will heel with precision and grace today”. Say it enough, picture it enough and your subconscious will own it. Say it out loud to your dog. Maybe he will own it too!

Enough rambling. buy the book. It’s well worth the read and I guarantee it will up your game no matter what sport you participate in.

Tucker and I earning our first leg in Utility A at the GRCA National in Gettysburg, PA